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March 20th 2018

Our March report is up on the reports page! 

February 19th 2018

The markets have been getting interesting. With inflation fears now on investors minds, volatility reared its ugly head and caused equity markets to sell off into correction territory. The 10-year treasury yield is near yearly highs, CPI came in above estimates, and many are pondering what lies ahead. The Blazing Alpha Fund will continue to look to purchase good companies at fair prices, and it realizes that short term movements don't affect the overall goal of the fund. The type of companies we look to buy are those that will outperform throughout the cycle and in any type of market. In short, the Blazing Alpha Fund is buying! Our latest report as of 2/16 is available within the "Reports" page. 

January 22nd 2018

As earnings seasons begins, the fund has gotten back on track with a strong start to the year. All eyes will be on fiscal policy and the Fed in 2018, and investors will be looking to see where and if growth will continue. The S&P returned over 20% for the year as multiples continued to expand across the board. The fund returned 17.2% for 2017 since 1/27. We kept pace with the market the entire year, and have outperformed to this date when considering the equity portion only. We will be having our first class of the semester Wednesday, and we look forward to getting back to work. Our latest report is available to view within the "Reports" page.

January 16th 2018

As school starts, the fund is looking to get back to investing and hopes to recruit new members for the semester!

December 21st 2017

We wrapped up 2017 on a positive note as the markets continue to run higher. As the semester ends, we look forward to recruiting new members and making new investments in 2018! Our most recent report is available to view within the "Reports" page.

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