Wall Street Prep

On October 14-15th, instructors from Wall Street Prep were on campus to give Hood students practical application and a hands on boot-camp in financial modeling and valuation. Two former investment bankers, Haseeb Chowdhry and Hahn Lin, gave a full weekend class on how to model and value a company using Microsoft Excel. The boot camp was made possible by the generous donors of the Blazing Alpha Fund, and the Volpe Scholar Program. The program was also support by the Catherine Filene Shouse Center for Career Development and Experiential Education.

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Day 1

Students got a refresher on Excel best practices and accounting principles. From there, students began a 3 statement model on Apple (NYSE:AAPL) and learned how to do a full revenue build using the different Apple product segments. Using sell-side equity research reports and the company's presentation and filings, students modeled and projected Apple's financial statements forward. 

Day 2

Students wrapped up the 3 statement modeled and completed projections on the balance sheet and cash flow statement. After this, students learned to build a discounted cash flow model and arrived at a fair value of Apple. This process gave students the skills necessary to arrive at a investment decision and assign an intrinsic value to Apple. 

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Throughout the extensive course, students were able to apply fundamentals learned in the classroom to the best practices used on Wall Street. Students were given the skills and experience to perform the analysis expected of a first year analyst.